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What is The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity?

DATE: 01/23/2024

We would like to introduce you to The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Polish fundraiser established by Jurek Owsiak in 1993 and it grew to be one of the best-known charities in Poland. Its work is now synonymous with charity, voluntary service and social involvement for citizens of Poland and Polish community overseas.


Foreigners can apply for mortgages in Spain: A guide for property buyers in Costa del Sol.

DATE: 06/28/2023

If you are  a foreigner interested in investing in property in the beautiful Costa del Sol region of Spain we have some news to share with you. One of the advantages of Spain is that it allows foreigners to purchase real estate—a privilege not granted by all European Union countries. In fact, Spanish banks provide mortgages to foreigners, making property ownership in this stunning coastal area a viable option.


Buying a property in Costa del Sol? Here’s our guide to the legal requirements for purchasing a property in Spain as a foreigner.

DATE: 03/21/2023

Costa del Sol is known for its unique climate, nature, great food and friendly people. It also becomes a second or even first home for many - especially now when so many possibilities open up with remote working. Nevertheless purchasing property in Spain as a foreigner can be a complex process, as there are a number of legal requirements that must be met.


Non-resident tax, for foreign non-residents who own a property in Spain.

DATE: 12/08/2022

There are two types of taxes, if you rent your property you have to pay a quarterly tax based on the income obtained and if you do not rent your property you have to pay an annual tax based on the cadastral value, applying a percentage rate according to the different situations depending on each Spanish Town Hall, or on the country of the declarant


Andalusia abolish the Wealth Tax

DATE: 09/21/2022

Andalusia abolish the Wealth Tax

This measure, together with the near elimination of Inheritance Tax, makes Andalusia an area not only rich for its climate or its cultural, natural or gastronomic heritage, but also a especially attractive area for foreigners and nationals, who from now on, unlike many other Spanish regions, will be exempt from this tax.

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