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Non-resident tax, for foreign non-residents who own a property in Spain.

Date: 12/08/2022

Sanchez Solicitors International Layers Malaga, Fuengirola, Nerja

Who is going to be affected by this tax?

All tax non-residents who own a property here in Spain are affected, whether they rent their property or not.


There are two types of taxes, if you rent your property you have to pay a quarterly tax based on the income obtained and if you do not rent your property you have to pay an annual tax based on the cadastral value, applying a percentage rate according to the different situations depending on each Spanish Town Hall, or on the country of the declarant, etc.


The period for the presentation of this annual tax ends on the 31st of December 2022, therfore from Sanchez Solicitors, we remind you that the date is close to its en. Our team of professionals is ready to guide you for your best orientation and easy solution.


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