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What is NIE number and why do you need one in Spain?

Date: 07/20/2021

What is NIE number and why do you need one in Spain? 


NIE is a personal, unique and essential number to carry out any procedure in the country. It is a tax identification number in Spain, known as Número de identidad de extranjero (Foreigner Identity Number). I is is required for the purchase or sale of real estate, vehicle and boats, or in order to work or study. It is issued by the National Police of Spain.   

Guide to NIE number in Spain.  

What type of NIE do I need? 


 - NIE for residents


This is for European Union citizens who wish to live or carry out some kind of transaction in Spain.


- NIE for non-residents 


For non-EU citizens, i.e. those who do not belong to the European Union. From countries such as Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Japan…



What documents do I need to obtain NIE? 


Once you have made your appointment, you will need to bring some documents with you on the day you are due to attend:


1. Completed official application form


2. Original passport and valid copy.


3. Proof of the reasons and causes that justify your application.


4. If the application has been made through a representative, a power of attorney expressly stating the authority to submit the application.


5. Payment of the corresponding administrative fee, which must be downloaded, filled in and paid at a bank.



How do I apply for a NIE number in Spain?


First of all, you must make an appointment:


- If, as the interested party, you are in Spain, you can go to the Directorate General of the Police or through a representative, lawyer. You must have all the required documentation. 


The most common is to go to the General Foreign Office. Here you will find the location of the nearest police office. Click here: Automatic process for requesting an appointment (


- If you are outside Spain, you must go to the Spanish Embassy or Consulate of the foreign country where you live.


The NIE can be obtained in person or through a representative with a special representative power in favour of a third party. In case this representative power will be granted abroad it must be duly apostilled and translated into Spanish by a sworn translator.


After the proceeding, the NIE does not usually take more than one or two days regardless of the type of NIE in question. 


To bear in mind:


1. To apply for the appointment with sufficient caution and in advance, to avoid any delay in the desired date, as appointments are currently sold out very quickly.


2. In case of any margin of doubt, turn to a professional team of lawyers to successfully obtain your NIE. 

Lawyer in Malaga. NIE number in Spain.


If you need to apply for a NIE for any type of transaction, whether it is the purchase or sale of a property or the payment of inheritance taxes,

opening of a bank account, rental contract, purchase of a vehicle, etc., and you cannot, do not know how or do not want to do it in person, do not hesitate to contact us, we will apply for it on your behalf as soon as possible.


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