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What is The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity?

Date: 01/23/2024


When did it all started?


We would like to introduce you to The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Polish fundraiser established by Jurek Owsiak in 1993 and it grew to be one of the best-known charities in Poland. Its work is now synonymous with charity, voluntary service and social involvement for citizens of Poland and Polish community overseas.


GOCC works to improve the conditions at public hospitals in Poland, mainly focusing on different branches of paediatrics. Last year The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has raised over PLN 2 billion Polish Zloty and purchased 71,500 pieces of medical equipment such as CT scanners, incubators, surgery and rehabilitation equipment, medical devices for oncology wards. 


The Grand Finale is a one-day public charitable fundraiser, which traditionally takes place on a Sunday in January. This time is 28th of January. Our charitable collection is held internationally, and it is run by the local Collection Centres. (1,700 Collection Centres organise the work of 120,000 volunteers.)


Where is GOCC playing?


Charitable Orchestra "plays" across the world: in Australia, New Zealand, across Europe, in Africa, the Americas and even at the North Pole research station! Since 1993, Grand Finale fundraiser is held in aid of a specific medical objective, main goal is to support Polish public hospitals and purchase modern medical equipment. 


The Grand Finale is a vibrant, joyous occasion - much more than a fundraiser. There are entertaining fundraising events, such as concerts, fairs, performances and sporting and creative activities for kids and grown-ups held in aid of our objective. The Grand Finale inspires people to volunteer and becomes an opportunity to engage in social activism. It is a way for communities to bond and for people to take up action. Even though each Grand Finale is different, there are some standard features of each event, for instance, charitable auctions and raffles. One of the highlights of the day is a firework display or its alternative - the so called "Light to the Sky", that is sending a special signal to the good angels, and stands for a symbol of hope. 


Where and when to support is on Costa del Sol?


There are multiple concerts and happenings taking place also across Spain, here on Costa del Sol as well - you’re invited 28th of January to Chiringuito Cepyme, Recinto Ferial Fuengirola, 14:00-23:00. Sánchez Solicitors is one of the sponsors for the event and we would love you to join us! There’s fantastic music planned, yummy homemade Polish food, kids activities, ruffles and auctions (you can win catamaran trip for example!) Good vibes guaranteed!

*Info from official site https://en.wosp.org.pl/

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