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Tips on hiring an International Law Firm in Malaga, Spain while living abroad.

Date: 04/19/2022

Lawyer in Malaga Nerja Fuengirola, Sanches Solicitors


If you live abroad and try to find good lawyer in Spain it can be an overwheming task at times. Here's 3 things to consider looking for good law office in Costa del Sol, Spain.


1. It's highly recommended to check the law office online presence to see if they're established law firm in your area.

Always look for offices that have at least a few years of experience. First important thing that you need need to look at while choosing your own lawyer is does the office provides service also after sales service. If you need additional help other issues that could arise in the future there is always somebody to give you a hand especially if you are a foreigner and live your day-to-day life in other country. 


2. Your mother tongue matters

Secondly,  while looking for a lawyer abroad it's important to know chosen office capability of providing all documents and correspondence in your native language. This step is very important as you as a customer want to have a peace of mind to be able to fully understand every single step of the process in your own language, what's your signing, your email and phone communication. 


3. Communication with your bank in Spain

And finally, if you are looking for a real estate lawyer for example (because you think of purchasing  a property in Spain, Costa del Sol) is making sure the office takes care of communication with the bank. If you think of getting mortgage it is crucial to have someone experienced to deal with it for you. It could save you significant amount of time as procedures in some banks might take a very long time. 

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