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Date: 03/28/2021

If you have personal income tax, you could claim an average of 20,000 euros back from your financial institution. 

The Court of Justice of the European Union has issued a ruling on 3 March 2020 in which it agrees with the consumer, confirming that personal income tax can be subject to control of transparency by judges and courts, and therefore can be annulled and replaced by another legal index.

This ruling has already led to some courts annulling the clause, applying the Euribor (much cheaper) as a substitute index and condemning the bank to return the extra amount charged to the consumer, which on average is around 20,000 euros.

What is the IRPH?

It is a much higher reference rate than other more usual rates such as the Euribor, which makes the mortgage considerably more expensive.

How is it claimed?

If the bank did not properly explain what this index is, offered different options to the consumer, etc., that is to say, if there was a lack of transparency in its inclusion, the Court is asked to declare the clause null and void as unfair, and to condemn the bank for overcharging it.

If you have a mortgage loan with IRPH, find out what you are entitled to with one of our specialist lawyers. We work these cases in the whole province of Malaga (Mijas, Malaga city, Veléz-Málaga, Torrox, Nerja, etc.).

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