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Date: 01/24/2022

Sánchez Solicitors arrived in 2021 in the middle of the pandemic, we still had in mind lockdown from the year before and all its hash limitations as Spain suffered one of the strongest lockdowns in Europe. 

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How did our company faced pandemic?

It was really difficult to work at the time and many of our projects were blocked. Therefore, in 2021 we've made a strategic decision  not to get rid of any employees, we didn't want our team members to go unemployed. Another-words we've decided to keep our human capital. Why, you might ask? Just understand how important it is to hire and to keep qualified professionals in a law firm. It takes time, believe us. It isn't something that you achieve within a six month,  if you want to build a team it takes years. We didn't want to dismantle that in this critical situation.  It was scary at times, as we didn't know how everything would end. Many companies big or small have decided to send their employees to ERTE - Sánchez Solicitors choose to do the exact opposite. We believe this decision is the secret why 2021 was the best year since we've opened. We were also committed to putting an effort in our online presence, remodel our website to make it more user friendly to potential customers. Meanwhile, other companies weren't providing high standard services to clients due to cuts, we have focused on growth and better customer service than ever. When things started to go back to normal and people started to invest again - we were there. 


Why was 2021 a great year for our law firm in Nerja and Fuengirola?


Last year showed a substantial growth in real estate clients for us. One of the reasons is investors are purchasing properties to avoid inflation as well as private clients that have postponed their buying decisions in 2020. 2021 was the year not to prolong  these decisions anymore.  Another factor is the possibility of remote work for many companies. As soon as people realised they could move abroad to a sunny, warm climate with the same salary, working remotely - it was a game changer for many. (Read about what do you need to know before buying property in Spain). Living in Costa del Sol was an ultimate solution for our Belgium, Swedish, English or Norwegian clients. Due to all the factors mentioned as well as our ability to serve many nationalities in their own language (for example, we've noticed substantial growth of Polish clientele) we've been able to not only "survive" as one of the leading law firms in Malaga area but grow our human resources and our business serving our customers in the best possible way. For those looking to permanently move to Costa del Sol we have a comprehensive info of how to get a NIE number in Spain.


Our aim for 2022 is to consolidate what we've achieved in the previous year as well as hire new team members in the next few months and keep on growing and providing high quality service. If you need attorney advice in Malaga area we recommend you reach out to our Nerja or Fuengirola office and our staff members will contact you within 24 hours. 


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