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Tips on hiring an International Law Firm in Malaga, Spain while living abroad.

DATE: 04/19/2022

If you live abroad and try to find good lawyer in Spain it can be an overwheming task at times. Here's 3 things to consider looking for good law office in Costa del Sol, Spain. 

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New tax? Is it possible that victims of a traffic accident may have to pay compensation?

DATE: 01/31/2022

New tax? Is it possible that victims of a traffic accident may have to pay compensation? Spaish government is considering income tax on the compensation paid by insurance companies. 


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DATE: 01/24/2022

Sánchez Solicitors arrived in 2021 in the middle of the pandemic, we still had in mind lockdown from the year before and all its hash limitations as Spain suffered one of the strongest lockdowns in Europe. It was really difficult to work at the time and many of our projects were blocked. Therefore, in 2021 we've made a strategic decision  not to get rid of any employees, we didn't want our team members to go unemployed.

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DATE: 10/29/2021

Buying a house costs a considerable investment, and it has various depending factors within it. And also, this is a process that takes a long time, and you will have to face certain difficulties as well. If your intended buying property is located in another country, the process can be a little bit harder than usual. However, buying property in Spain doesn’t have to go with so many difficulties like other countries, and a foreign buyer can do it easily. So here are several steps that you need to follow when you are buying property in Spain1

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What is NIE number and why do you need one in Spain?

DATE: 07/20/2021

NIE is a personal, unique and essential number to carry out any transaction in the country. It is a tax identification number in Spain, known as Número de identidad de extranjero (Foreigner Identity Number). I is is required for the purchase or sale of real estate, vehicle and boats, or in order to work or study. It is issued by the National Police of Spain.

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